Mike Kelly Bend Wedding

Mike and Kelly's wedding was an extraordinary day. As I drove from Bend to Sisters, all I could see was a plume of smoke from the Milli Fire burning 10 miles outside of Sisters. For a brief moment, I was saddened. Everyone wants their wedding day to be perfect and I truly want my client's day to be perfect too. When I arrived at Aspen Lakes Golf Course, everyone's spirits were high, the mood was electric, and I knew this wedding was going to be everything Mike and Kelly wished for! After all, it's not about the what happens to you in life, it's about who you surround yourself with and how you chose to face each moment. The Conors and the Knights brought the party! 


Smoke Sisters
A beautiful and rustic scene - even if the Cascade mountains were missing.
dressed for a wedding
Aspen Lakes
Bride Makeup Bend Wedding
Moms wedding dress
wedding rings
Wedding Bands
First Look Conor wedding
Wedding Party
Tuff wedding shot

As the ceremony drew near, the sky began to shift from a smokey haze to blue skies!

First Kiss

As day faded to night, cigars where lit...

Wedding Cigars
smoking cigars

And we all stood in amazement of the first beautiful Central Oregon sunset any of us had seen in months. 

Sisters Sunset

Thank you all for making this wedding so special.

Second Photographer- Stephen Badger www.sbadgerphoto.com

Dress- www.bellabridesbend.com

DJ- www.flipflopsounds.com

Hair and Makeup- http://www.cassidyelise.com

Mens Suits- www.menswearhouse.com